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Do you have an RV that needs service or repair? Well, you’re in luck! Absolute Repair provides a full suite of RV maintenance and repair services. Whether you’re looking for preventative maintenance or full engine repair, Absolute Repair has you covered. We service everything from Class A to Class C motorhomes. Below we’ve put together a list of some of our more common services. For a more comprehensive list of services, feel free to give us a call and speak to one of our representatives. 

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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is incredibly important. If you want your RV to stay on the road for years to come, you need to be prepared to complete preventative maintenance. This means taking a proactive approach before repairs become reactive. Tasks like routine oil changes, routine filter replacements, tire rotation, and other similar services are all proactive in nature. 

Drivetrain and Suspension Service

A very common issue with motorhomes and RVs is worn-out bushings and mounts. Bushings are designed to absorb vibrations from the road so your components don’t have to. However, over time this makes them wear out and fall apart. If you notice shaking or rattling while driving at high speeds, chances are you may require new bushings. You can also get your bushings inspected without symptoms in order to determine how much life they have left. The same goes for mounts. Generally mounts only go bad when they rust, but certain mounts like leaf spring hangers also have pads that need to be replaced over time. 

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Our Heavy-Duty Diesel Mechanic Services

Mechanic doing bus repair at Absolute Repair

Bus Repair

Absolute Repair is trusted by transit and school bus drivers and fleet owners from all around the Cumming, IA area to provide the highest level of quality and service in the least amount of truck downtime—all at a great value. Our experienced and certified team of technicians will have your bus up and running faster than you thought possible, without compromising on quality and all with a friendly smile.

Mechanic doing repair of a heavy duty diesel truck at Absolute Repair

General Diesel Repair

At Absolute Repair in Cumming, IA. we have a large, family-oriented and experienced team of certified mechanics who can adequately diagnose, service, or repair your diesel truck using the latest diagnostic equipment. Our team understands how difficult it can be for operators and fleet managers to find mechanics who have the proper training to work on their trucks and fleet vehicles. Our mechanics are qualified to work on all types of diesel engines, specializing in Cummins engine repair and Volvo-Mack engine repair. Our team thrives on developing their knowledge and skills in order to quickly and efficiently service your diesel engine, to get you back on the road faster.

Mechanic doing hydraulic service at Absolute Repair

Hydraulic Repair

Most heavy-duty diesel equipment rely on powerful hydraulics to operate. Your machine’s hydraulics systems is composed of cylinders, pumps, motors and valves, all of which require preventative maintenance and repairs in order to keep them functioning properly. Absolute Repair in Cumming, IA provides comprehensive hydraulic service. Reach out us today for a fleet assessment and we’ll work with you to develop a program that works for your equipment and business.

Mobile Service for Trucks at Absolute Repair

Mobile Repair Service

A mobile service unit is like a shop on wheels. Our mobile unit covers a 60-mile radius from our shop in Cumming, IA. and is ready to service your heavy-duty truck, just tell us where and when! Each mobile service unit at Absolute Repair is built and equipped to meet the possible needs of your vehicle and is capable of handling everything from routine maintenance and repair needs to diagnostics and identifying more complex problems.

Mechanic performing pm (Preventative Maintenance) service at Absolute Repair

Preventive Maintenance

As an operator or fleet manager, you rely on your diesel machine to perform. But making sure your truck is at its optimal performance can be a lot of work, and part of this responsibility is ensuring that your vehicle is properly and proactively maintained. At Absolute Repair, our certified mechanics will work with you to develop a custom preventative maintenance schedule. It’s one of our specialties and we have built our reputation on an honest and family-orientated work ethic.

RV Repair Shop in Cumming, IA | Absolute Repair

RV Repair

There’s nothing quite like being on the road in your RV. So when it’s in need of repair, you need quick and qualified service that will get you back out enjoying the open air. Of course, regular RV maintenance and repairs make good sense from a safety standpoint, but they also maintain the value of your motorhome for years to come. At Absolute Repair in Cumming, IA., our certified mechanics are committed to getting your RV repair done quickly and correctly the first time. We understand how important it is for you to be able to rely on your RV to safely carry your family as their home away from home.

Emergency Roadside Service for Trucks at Absolute Repair

Roadside Assistance

When you call us for emergency roadside service we’ll send out a fully equipped Road Rescue truck with an expert technician to your location. For many common emergency roadside issues, this is a far better solution than you having to wait for a tow truck.

Mechanic is doing truck wheel alignment at Absolute Repair

Wheel Alignment

It’s not uncommon for a heavy-duty diesel machine that is driven thousands of miles a week to have its steering components and suspension shift out of alignment. What many may not know, is that improperly aligned truck wheels can result in an increased 2% cost of fuel and a 20% reduction in tire life. Improper wheel alignment results in an increase in rolling resistance of the tires, essentially, the tires are dragging down the road as opposed to rolling down the road. Professional truck alignment ensures that your tires meet the road at the proper angle. At Absolute Repair, we specialize in truck wheel alignment for larger vehicles. The bigger the better actually! You can trust our certified mechanics to perform quick and reliable truck wheel alignment services.

What Our Valued Customers Have to say about Us

"I had all 4 drive tires replaced on my motorhome recently at Absolute Repair.  The service was great.  They had my tires in their shop the day after I contacted them.  The service was scheduled and completed in the same week."

Shawn Golly

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"Had truck in for starter install due to bolts getting stripped.  They did a great job getting it fixed and working with Lori was a great experience.  These guys know diesels."

Samuel Shimp

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"I have used Absolute Repair for over 2 years and they have always been excellent. Our trucks sometimes need to be serviced and I feel confident that every time I bring it to them that they will get the job done."

Alice Owens

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"Went in for a DOT inspection on my truck and trailer. They got on it super fast and didn't try to sell me any repairs that didn't need to be done as you'll find at many shops. The workers were friendly and courteous."

Becky Black

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"First time customer and I am impressed. They were very efficient. I had an overhaul done to my truck and they had it ready in 1 week. Their shop is clean and organized as well."

Hannah Coleman

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"Efficient, treated with respect. Nice lounge to wait since I didn’t have a ride. Did a great job on my RV."

Christie Stoner

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We also offer mobile service within a 60-mile radius from our shop in Cumming, IA and service Des Moines, Urbandale, West Des Moines, and Osceola in addition to surrounding areas.

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