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Mechanic repairing brakes of a truck at Absolute Repair

Your heavy-duty truck’s braking system is one of the most critical components of your machine.  It is composed of complex elements that function together to ensure quick and reliable stopping of your vehicle and its load.  Operators know that if you can’t slow down or stop you may be in immediate danger. Further to that, other drivers on the road are also at risk. 

All parts of your diesel truck have a limited shelf life. This is especially true of your braking system.  Your brakes can become worn or damaged based on the operations of your vehicle and the conditions in which you drive. At Absolute Repair, our honest team will discuss your specific vehicle’s purpose and usage in order to determine a brake inspection schedule for you. Regular brake inspections with our team of professionals will guarantee that the brakes of your truck or trailer remain reliable and functioning properly. 

How do you know when your brakes need service?

How much and how quickly your tires wear is impacted by the use of your vehicle, road conditions, exposure to elements, driving habits and even the weight of your cargo. At any time, if you notice any of the below signs, we recommend bringing your vehicle in for immediate service.  

Noise when braking

Scraping, grinding, whistling or squeaking sounds while braking are likely signs that your pads are worn (possibly to the point where the calipers are grinding against your rotors). While these sounds may be safety warning features, they should not be ignored. 

Your truck pulls to the left or right

If you’re noticing pulling while driving, this might indicate issues with your calipers or air brake hose. 

Air Leaks

If you notice that your air-brake system is taking longer to charge than normal that may be an indication of air leaks. Since air brake systems rely on the pressurized air to both engage and disengage the breaks, it is critical that any possible leaks be inspected immediately.

At Absolute Repair, we know that stopping should always be guaranteed. We address the concerns of all models of diesel vehicles and are experienced with many different types of braking systems.  We are relied on in the Cumming, IA area for providing exceptional service and offering cost-effective and proactive solutions that will benefit you in the long run. Regardless of whether you are bringing in your truck for an inspection or a brake repair, our gifted team of technicians will acutely inspect every aspect and component of your brake system.

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While on vacation recently we unfortunately encountered a broken axle on our travel trailer. Being from out of town and the fact that it was a Sunday evening we had no idea who to call for repair. The tow truck driver recommended Absolute Repair and we were towed to that facility. The tow truck driver notified the owner of Absolute Repair that we were in their parking lot. On Monday morning we were greeted by Andrew who evaluated the situation. Peter (the owner) and Andrew were very easy to work with and kept us informed of their efforts to secure a new axle. Once they had the axle they worked quickly and diligently to put the new axle on the trailer and we were back on the road late Monday afternoon. Peter himself worked with another tech to complete the repair. Peter and Andrew are both very knowledgeable, explaining in detail the repair, as well as being concerned for our comfort and offering us the use of their lounge. The repair price was very reasonable. Andrew even placed a follow up call to us the next day to make sure everything was fine with the trailer. We cannot speak highly enough of this company and would recommend them to anyone without hesitation. Our sincere thanks to Peter and Andrew for assisting us and getting us back on the road so quickly.

Steve & Debbie Genoff
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