Truck Drivability Issues

Truck Drivability Issues

Trucks experience drivability issues that may lead to major issues if not attended to. It is important to find a reliable and professional truck repair service provider in case of any problem. Below are truck drivability issues your vehicle may experience.

Wheel bearing issues

Wheel bearings are used to properly function the tires, hub, and wheels to work together. When the bearing functions properly, it allows the truck to have friction-free movement and smooth wheel and tire rotation. You will know your bearings are degrading when you notice the following:

  1. The truck is experiencing unstable movement on the road.
  2. Truck jerking
  3. Noise generation from the wheel wells.

If the repair is not done immediately, other problems may arise, such as a strained hub, CV joint, and axle. When a wheel bearing is completely damaged, replacement is the only option to ensure the wheels do not seize up.

Overheating the engine

An engine can overheat due to issues related to the fuel tank. Other reasons for engine overheating include:

  1. Belt and hoses failure.
  2. Issues with the radiator
  3. Leakage of the cooling system

If the problem is not dealt with, it leads to engine failure. It is important to work with a truck repair professional to review your truck.

Signs that your truck engine is overheating

  • Strange smell from where the engine is set.
  • Steam/ smoke from beneath the truck.
  • When the engine temperature gauge symbolizes "H" to red

The repair needed on your truck to correct the overheating include repair/ replacement of the water pump, radiator, thermostat, or coolant hose.

Failure of the starter

A starter is used to start an internal combustion engine. Starter failure is a regular problem that arises mostly during cold temperatures. A driver may realize the starter is faulty when there is no response after ignition, the starter's failure to engage, or when the starter is turned but does not engage the motor. The main reasons why a starter may fail include the following:

  • Stiffness or a faulty solenoid switch
  • Issues with electrical connections
  • Damage of the starter pinion or the single pinion gear

The remedy for starter failure includes:

  1. Connecting the battery and the ground
  2. Measuring the battery voltage
  3. Replacement of the ignition switch
  4. Brake repair
  5. Securing connections between the starters electrically.

U-joint failure

A U-joint transmits rotary motion in shafts. The joint has a bearing on both ends for side-to-side movement and functions as a power transfer from the transmitter to the differentiator. A U-joint should be regularly lubricated to prevent wear and tear. A driver may hear a clicking sound or vibration at high speed when the component is failing. When a U-joint fails, a driver loses control of the vehicle, leading to a tip-over or accident.

It is important to diagnose your U- joint regularly to know whether it is going bad by technicians. Replace the u-joint as early as possible to prevent irreversible damage.

Brake issues

The braking system of the brake pedal may have a problem causing the brake issues. When a truck is carrying heavy loads, it may pressure the brakes, leading to wear and tear. In some instances, fluid may leak, causing brake failure. It is advisable to ensure you have a brake maintenance strategy for your truck for proper maintenance.

Clutch issue

Manual transmission trucks need a functioning clutch for truck drivability. Checking the clutch functionality helps to reduce wear and tear. Clutch problems can arise due to:

  • Oil leakage
  • Clutch overload
  • Careless driving.
  • Avoid dumping the clutch to prevent it from overheating

We are a reliable truck repair company that offers reliable repair services. We focus on fixing truck issues to ensure you are safe on the road. Contact us for more information about our services.

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