Truck Broke Down On The Highway? Here's What You Can Do

Truck Broke Down On The Highway? Here's What You Can Do

Unfortunately, as a trucker on the road every day, you will eventually have to deal with a breakdown. It's merely the law of averages playing a cruel joke on us. No one has to remind you how hazardous highways can be, or how frightening it may be if your commercial vehicle breaks down while driving on one. This list of top suggestions for keeping yourself and others safe if your commercial truck breaks down on the highway comes in helpful.

Attempt to park your truck in a safe area

For obvious reasons (you've broken down), this may not be simple, but you should undoubtedly attempt to move your vehicle over to the side of the road and onto the hard shoulder whenever feasible. You may be able to drift over and off the road, but you might need to contact an emergency road service company to tow your vehicle someplace safe.

Stay in your vehicle

Staying in your vehicle is the safest way to be safe while waiting for emergency road assistance to come. You want to be there when they arrive, and it should go without saying that you don't want to be standing near a live lane on the highway. When other drivers observe a truck parked on the roadside, they may get distracted and approach it. If there is ever an accident, you are better protected by statying inside your vehicle.

It's OK to leave your truck after the emergency service arrives and has secured the area, but you should at least give them your phone number in case they need to call you and remove any personal or sensitive objects from the truck.

Make sure your hazard lights are turned on 

You'll want to warn other drivers that you're a danger on the road, so turn on your 4-ways and grab your reflective triangle, especially if it's dark. Even during the day, motorists might wander and miss the massive broken-down truck by the side of the road — or be preoccupied with figuring out what occurred. It will also make it simpler for the emergency road service to locate you.

If it's dark outside, ensure sure your side lights are switched on as well. You'll want to stand out as much as possible so that you can be seen. Also, keep your caution triangle away from the hard shoulder.

Contact your employer 

As quickly as possible after the accident, call your trucking firm for advice on what to do next and to aid with roadside assistance. You may also need to call the rental firm and/or the semi-truck insurance services carrier if you're renting a trailer. As a corporate driver, you should be able to get clear directions from your dispatcher or driver management, including where the vehicle should be taken when the tow truck comes.

There's almost nothing these days that isn't available as an app, and there are plenty of road assistance apps to choose from, including GPS apps that will direct you to your destination. These apps will tell you about nearby services and establishments, apps that will tell you about traffic conditions, and so on.

As time passes, more developments are made to the technology that you have at your disposal to assist us when you have a breakdown, so look and see what you can discover. Most emergency road service companies will also have their own apps, making calling much easier and more efficient.

If, on the other hand, your truck begins to exhibit a pattern of technical issues relating to safety, it may be time to bring it in for service. When it comes to huge vehicles on the road, safety and security cannot be compromised.

Call the police if needed 

Don't hesitate to phone 911 if you can't reach your emergency road service provider and you're in a tight place. They can send someone to your location to secure the area until emergency service can arrive.. 

Final words 

Is it possible that the engine has overheated? A flat tire? First and foremost, pull over to the side of the road and turn on your hazard lights to alert live traffic that your truck has broken down. Place flares or safety triangles behind your truck as a precaution. Raise your hood to signal that you need assistance, and move to the safer ground if you sense a danger of an accident.

In extreme situations, call 911 to have a police and wrecker dispatched to assist you in securing your vehicle's safety. Once you and your truck are safe, contact any reputable emergency repair agency as soon as possible to begin repairs. There are a plethora of road aid applications available for cell phones right now. Those that give directions to your location and information on neighboring places are perhaps the most popular applications.

Although roadways are safer than they once were, it is critical to understand how to deal with a truck failure. When a large vehicle, such as a truck, comes to a halt in the middle of the road, it may cause many traffic problems. You can safeguard yourself and other motorists by learning how to handle the issue properly.

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