The New PACCAR TX-18 Transmission - Quick Guide

The New PACCAR TX-18 Transmission - Quick Guide

The TX-18 automatic transmission from Paccar is a brand-new professional design for use in on- and off-highway applications. The TX series, which debuted last year with the TX-8 and then the TX-12, has been expanded. 

The TX-18 is designed for on- and off-highway work in moderate to severe applications, while the TX-18 Pro is developed for on- and off-highway work in high-performance and mild vocational applications. This article will dive into the PACCAR TX-18 transmission so you can better determine if it suits your trucking needs.  

What is the new PACCAR TX-18 transmission all about? 

During a showcase of its new electric and hydrogen fuel cell trucks in Sunnyvale, California, in January, Kenworth offered journalists a first look at the new TX-18. A Kenworth T680 equipped with a TX-18 was present and accessible for short drives in city traffic. 

A few weeks later, at the Eaton Proving Grounds outside of Marshall, Michigan, sibling Paccar manufacturer Peterbilt handled the official debut of the new gearboxes. Together with Eaton, the TX-18 was created. 

During the pre-drive briefing on the new gearboxes, Kyle Crawford, vocational product manager for Peterbilt, said that the TX-18 is intended for heavy-duty applications and that both variants are rated up to 140,000 pounds GCWR. It is thus intended for heavy-duty uses such as off-road construction, heavy-duty wreckers, and fleets that transport goods across steep terrain and need a little more power and performance to handle such situations. 

For the extreme-duty TX-18 Pro, features include an extreme-duty clutch, 1,850 lb.-ft of torque, and six reverse gears. Crawford said that the TX-18 has six reverse gears in addition to a typical dual power-takeoff (PTO). "The PTO may be used while driving and offers 75 to 160 horsepower. The six reverse gears on the TX-18 make it an excellent option for situations involving the spreading of rocks. 

Crawford said that the TX-18 design is 225 lbs. lighter and has a parasitic loss reduction of 47% compared to competing automated transmissions on the market. It has four separate application-specific calibrations that may be set to assure top performance in challenging situations. It is wholly integrated with current Paccar engine technology and has predictive cruise control. 

Other features available 

When you look at the other essential features of this transmission, you will notice that it comes with integrated housing for the clutch. There is an option for GCWR values under 110,000 lbs.: a transmission cooler—internal wiring and sensors for improved uptime and additional weather protection. 

Crawford said that the driver's response has been favorable. "Drivers tell us they prefer the transmission's next-generation controls, which feature a shifter on a stalk, its tiny, even gear steps, and its great low-speed agility." 

Crawford also emphasized the TX-18's "ideal" clutch engagement for hill-starts, which is true even when there are 160,000 lbs. of cargo on a flatbed behind the truck. 

When the brake is removed, the AMT keeps the vehicle motionless automatically before choosing the appropriate gear to start and increasing the speed moving uphill. "The gearbox will also intelligently select the best equipment to maintain the truck's speed on downhill slopes. This has significant safety benefits and also lessens driving fatigue. Additionally, it increases the pool of possible drivers for a fleet by enabling drivers to perform even better in challenging terrain. 

The casing 

The Paccar TX-18 gearbox has a high-pressure diecast aluminum case, an integrated clutch housing, a one-piece replaceable input shaft, helical gearing, and a precise lubrication system. To assist it in continuing to function effectively in very demanding situations, a transmission cooler is an optional configuration. The gearbox is supplied with two PTO openings with 160 horsepower and four application-specific calibrations.

Effortless skip shifting 

If you are acquainted with Paccar TX-8 and TX-12 transmissions, understanding the new TX-18 Series gearboxes won't take much time. Most of the additional performance characteristics offered by the new gearbox automatically engage depending on the kind of road and terrain, and the stalk-mounted controls remain similar. Thus, the TX-18 is a hands-off gearbox that can be relied upon to give maximum performance without much input from the driver, as is the case with most contemporary automated transmissions. 

The Paccar HVAC continues to have excellent performance despite the extreme cold. It is easy to start the large Model 567 moving after buckling up in the seat and on the throttle by simply snapping the stalk control to "D." The TX-18 Pro was sure-footed and smooth as it raced, skipping through the short-step ratios with no engine rattling or stops, even with a foot of snow and ice on the ground and 140,000 lbs. to move. 

Final words

Now you have a clear idea about the new PACCAR TX-18 transmission. If you are impressed with what this transmission offers, you may consider investing your money to purchase a heavy-duty truck with such a transmission. 

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