How To Tell When Your Truck's Suspension Needs Repair

How To Tell When Your Truck's Suspension Needs Repair

Your truck's suspension system works hard every day keeping your truck riding smoothly along. But eventually your suspension system will begin to show signs of wear and tear. It's important to be able to identify the signs your truck's suspension is worn and needs to be repaired. Common signs of a worn suspension system are:

  1. Your Truck Makes Unusual Noises
  2. The Truck Exhibits Body Roll
  3. You Notice Either The Front End Diving, The Rear Squatting Or Both
  4. The Truck Bounces As You Drive Along

If you see any of these signs, take your truck to a truck repair shop to get the suspension repaired to make driving it safer and more comfortable.

1. Your Truck Makes Unusual Noises

If your truck begins to make unusual noises, that could be a sign its suspension system needs to be serviced. When shocks and bushings get worn down, they lose the ability to support the struts properly. That can cause the struts to bottom out and result in metal-to-metal contact. It can cause a knocking sound that comes from either the front wheels, the rear wheels or both. Another cause of a truck's suspension-related noise is tire cupping, or scalloping. When shock absorbers are worn, it can make your tires recoil faster and create wear patterns that cause vibration and noise when you drive the truck.

2. The Truck Exhibits Body Roll

When a truck's suspension needs repair, stability can be compromised when cornering. The body may feel like it's leaning into even slight turns. This is a safety issue that impacts the effectiveness of the truck's steering and braking. If your truck has over 50,000 miles, the shocks or struts dampening capabilities can begin to degrade and impair the truck's ride and handling. That means it's time for truck repair services to keep you and your passengers safe and get your suspension functioning properly.

3. You Notice Either the Front-End Diving, The Rear Squatting or Both

Shocks, struts and the rest of the suspension system help keep your truck stable when you are accelerating and braking. If your truck's shocks, struts, or other parts of the suspension system are damaged, the truck's front end will dive when you brake, and the rear end may squat down when you accelerate. This means those components are not strong enough to control the weight of the truck. If this happens, the truck repair shop should do the following suspension repair services: Check the entire suspension system and install new shocks and struts. This will improve cornering, braking, make it ride smoother and give you better control of the vehicle in emergency situations.

4. The Truck Bounces as You Drive Along

When your truck is driving over uneven roads, bumps and potholes, its coil springs help to dampen the rough ride. The truck's shocks and struts help to control the spring's movement, so the wheels do not excessively move up and down. When any or all of these suspension components are loose, damaged, stuck or worn, the tires tend to lose contact with the road when you drive the truck. The result is a bumpy, uncomfortable ride. A good truck repair technician can identify the problem, replace the worn or damaged shocks, struts and springs and have your truck riding smoothly.

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