Exhaust System Damage

Exhaust System Damage

Are you experiencing problems with your vehicle and questioning if the source is exhaust system damage? Although a critical part of your truck signs of damage is often difficult to spot. An exhaust system is a component of your truck that you need to be working efficiently and it requires routine inspections and maintenance to ensure its longevity.

Your exhaust system has two major primary functions in your truck. It works to both minimize engine noise as well as redirect toxic fumes from your vehicle. The noise your vehicle actually would make if this part was out of place would make for an incredibly uncomfortable ride. Without your exhaust system, you would not be able to drive your 4x4 correctly and it would be emitting the harmful chemical, carbon monoxide to your vehicle’s cabin as well the external environment.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a colorless odor-free chemical that can escape from your exhaust system. This is extremely damaging to the air you breathe and is a safety hazard that has a greater impact one may imagine. That is why we outlined the top indicators that your truck may need a repair to your exhaust system below.

Shaking Underneath

If you are feeling vibrating underneath your truck and it sounds like something is shaking while you are idling, this is a sign that you require a repair to your catalytic converter. Your catalytic converter is one of the most costly components of your truck. If it is breaking down, parts may be falling off your vehicle and you need a repair instantly. This will usually be accompanied by a

Decrease in Fuel Efficiency

Although a lack of fuel efficiency can be the sign of a variety of repairs, it is also the sign of a faulty exhaust system. When the exhaust is failing, your vehicle is forced to burn more fuel than usual, which makes you spend more time and money at the gas pump.

Increase in Exhaust Volume

A rumbling noise coming from your exhaust pipe is an obvious indicator something odd is going on with your exhaust system and is likely suggesting there is a build-up. Delaying this or any exhaust repair will cause other engine problems that escalate the severity and cost of your repair needs.

Engine misfiring

Another indicator of a problem with the exhaust system includes when the engine is misfiring. If there is any sort of backup in the exhaust valve chamber, the fumes will not be able to successfully escape the chambers, causing it to misfire.

Low Hanging Pipe

Is your tailpipe or muffler hanging lower than normal? If you hear a grinding noise while driving, this could also be the sign of an issue with the exhaust system caused by a failing exhaust mount.

All vehicles need a high-performing exhaust system. If you are noticing any of the above symptoms in your truck then we highly suggest seeing a repair professional as soon as possible to prevent further damage. If you wait on a repair, you are hurting yourself and the environment around you. We suggest not take any chances with safety and performance. Call us today to see if you require an exhaust system repair. Our team of reliable truck experts will get to the source of the problem fast and get you back on the road in no time!

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