Absolute Repair truck, bus and equipment repair shop in Cumming, IA

Get to Know Absolute Repair

Absolute Repair is locally owned and operated by Peter and Angela Cooper. Peter grew up on a family farm in central Iowa, where in 40 years of farming his father never bought anything new, and there was always a tractor or truck that needed to be repaired. After learning a lot about diesel repair growing up, Peter started working for the local mass transit agency as an apprentice mechanic the day he turned 18.

From there, he put himself through college while working full-time and starting a family. When he turned 21, Peter started his own bus-limo company that grew into a second location. At that point, he was able to make his business his full-time job. Because it was very hard to find a shop that would work on buses and heavy trucks in the Cumming area, in the beginning, Peter even worked on his competitors’ buses in addition to his own.

Peter Cooper, owner of Absolute Repair

An Opportunity to Grow & Serve the Community

Seeing the demand for a heavy truck and bus repair shop, Peter started Absolute Repair in 2014, with a focus on customer relationships and meet customer needs. This starts with maintaining a state-of-the-art facility and investing in the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment and procedures. It ends with smiles and handshakes and ultimately making a positive difference in the community.

"I love helping people. As a shop owner, I am able to serve my community and help others learn my craft. For example, Absolute Repair started a partnership with the local community college, so we can offer full-ride scholarships to our employees. This, in turn, benefits our customers because our mechanics are even more skilled and knowledgeable."
—Peter Cooper, Owner

Meet Our Truck Repair & Service Team

  • Dalton Peshel
    Dalton PeshelEmployee
  • Eric Kibbe
    Eric KibbeEmployee
  • Matt Baker
    Matt BakerEmployee
  • Cameron Powell
    Cameron PowellEmployee
  • Collin Henrichsen
    Collin HenrichsenEmployee
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